I’m not your typical creative-type, and never thought I would find myself with a camera in my hand. With a background in high finance, I’m used to working with individuals’ most important assets. Photography has offered me an opportunity to serve couples on their most important day. As a planner, both naturally and professionally, I can appreciate that weddings can be a stressful time. My goal is to provide couples with piece-of-mind, knowing that their big moments will be captured. You have enough to worry about – your wedding photos shouldn’t be one of them. 

I’m a lover of all things love – from the very first time I saw “The Notebook”, I knew I wanted to be surrounded by true love and moments that make you go “awwww”. There’s a certain squeal that every girl knows, and it represents the moments that deserve to be captured and preserved forever. I truly feel that being a part of one of the most important days of someone’s life is a blessing and an honor, and I’m so lucky that I get to lock hands with my soulmate and be reminded of the precious moments that begin a new life-long journey. I loved being a bride, and 5 years later, I love helping other brides (and grooms) on one of the most exciting days of their lives!

We’ve been together for over a decade, and married for 6 years! One of our major struggles turned strengths is our different viewpoints. Because we see the world differently, it allows us to capture it differently as well. Being able to provide a couple with two unique perspectives is something that makes our work stand out, and provides some great entertainment as well. No two couples have the same story and every wedding is a unique display of love and raw emotion that can never be put into words, but can be told forever through photos.